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“I am a big MyGlassStudio fan. I love Anna’s personality and creativity! Glass Studio has a family company touch while always coming up with ideas!”

Mark Askew

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“Anna offers creativity and a real flair for design. We have worked with them for many years and they never fail to deliver a fantastic product.”

Marcus Wareing

Petrus Restaurant, London

“Anna is able to interpret anyone’s ideas and then make them into a reality.”

Wolfgang Fischer

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“I have worked with Anna in some of the world’s most demanding volume hotel operations… They are number one in the glass plate category!”

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“Anna and her team appreciates our brand’s commitment on quality and refinement & have tailor-made design that suits our needs.”

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“We are extremely thankful of their efforts to ensure we have the right fit for the right brand at the right price. We love doing business with them”

Abdul Baaghil

MD, The Crystal Group

“At the Ritz Carlton Bahrain, our guests were wowed and, as a result, they kept on coming back and the restaurant turned into a cash machine.”

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The Bento Dinner Plate. The Key to Fine Dining in Style with Bento Style Dinnerware!

The Bento Dinner Plate Collection by MyGlassStudio is an assortment of covered serving dishes based on the bento box design. A fusion of the Asian bento style dinnerware and the European fine dining dinner set. The collection includes a main course plate, appetizer plates, soup bowl, side dish plates and a cutlery case.

It is a key to solve contradictions such as Safety vs Memorable Experience. Read more about what is a Bento Dinner Plate.
The bento dinner plates collection comes in 2 pairs of bento dinnerware: the small bento plate pair and the large bento plate pair. Both pairs have one large rectangular bento dinner plate and a small square bento dinner plate. Each pair can be presented in tiers of bento boxes. All bento boxes include a dinner plate cover and all covers/lids have a round bronze handle. There are 11 colors available.

The Small Pair of the Bento Dinner Plates

The small pair includes the rectangular dinner plate with a cover. This size is the perfect size for pasta, club sandwich or veggie wraps. It is also ideal for breakfast served in in-room dining service. For example, you can tier two rectangular bento boxes, one with the pancakes and one with the eggs and bacon. The small square dinner plate with cover can be used as a side plate. This bento box is perfect to serve side dishes, mashed potatoes, rice and especially soups. It is also ideal for serving desserts such as brownies, a selection of ice cream or seasonal fruits.

The Large Pair of the Bento Style Dinnerware

The large pair consists of three modern bento box designs. The large rectangular bento style dinnerware is perfect to serve main dishes such as prime steak, fish fillet, club sandwich or an open-faced burger and large enough to fit side greens or chips on the side. The large square bento dinner plate can be used to serve salads, desserts, soups or starters such as arancini. It is also the perfect size for kids’ meals such as pasta or fish fingers. The third bento dinner plate of the large pair, is the elongated rectangular bento box and can be used as a cutlery case or condiment server, where you can place four mini condiment bowls. The elongated bento dinner plate can also be used as an appetizer plate to serve spring rolls or side greens.

The small and large pair of bento dinnerware have versatile applications in hotel operations in a variety of Food and Beverage outlets.

Restaurant Reopenings is a Call for the Bento Dinner Plate Collection

The bento dinner plate collection has three important attributes: material is absolutely hygienic; the dinner plates are covered and the assortment is innovative and creative.

Bento Glass Dinnerware is the Most Hygienic Dinnerware: Because Feeling Safe, Begins with the Material and its Surface

With glass dinnerware, you can “see” sanitation. The Bento Dinner Plate is absolutely hygienic and non-porous. Disinfecting and sanitizing dishes require nonporous surfaces and colors that are resistant to chlorine bleach disinfectants. Other tableware materials such as melamine, lacquerware, wood and unglazed ceramics do not pass the test. They either cannot be disinfected at all (wood) or they will be decolorized (melamine) by chlorine bleach EPA approved disinfectant, and some they cannot even be dish washed (lacquerware). MyGlassStudio’s bento dinner plates, on the other hand, are non toxic dinnerware, absolutely food safe and glazes will not be decolorized with chlorine bleach disinfectants.

The Bento Dinner Plate Blends into the Concept of Contactless Dining

The modern bento box is perfectly suited to the concept of Contactless Dining and appropriate to the covered dinner plate concept. The bento dinner plates provide the sense of safety and peace of mind that restaurant guests DO value. It does so because it guards food from droplets circulating in the atmosphere of a hotel corridor or elevator. Either real or imaginary. It makes guests feel safe without asking them to lower expectations and get delivery in disposables. Furthermore, with the bento dinner plate, we can all stick to our credo of sustainability and protection of the environment.

The Bento Box Design Adds to the Wonderment of Unveiling; to a Memorable Experience

The bento dinner plate is not only an innovative interpretation of the bento box design. It is also a re-make of the traditional service “under the bell”, all with the “Uncover-Reveal” feel performed by head waiters of times gone by. An action that was performed for a variety of reasons: to keep food warm, to keep aromas inside or to guard the food from being planted with poison!
The bento dinner plate is not only about wonderment however, it is about designing a new travel and entertainment experience, a memorable experience with products relevant to this unavoidable reality. It preforms without compromising the sense of the extraordinary, without asking guests to lower their expectations. It will delight first guests after the reopening and will help owners reopen their restaurants in Style!

Tiered Bento Box: A Joy to Use

The bento dinner plates have multiple uses in the Front of House in a hotel or restaurant. Due to their functionality and innovation, the bento dinner plates can be easily tiered in multiple ways.

Tier Bento Dinner Plates as a Luxury Lunchbox

The first way to tier the modern bento boxes is the “Grab-and-Go Serve”. For this use, you will need covered individual bento dinner plates, in stacks for guests to “Grab and Go” on their own like a modern luxury lunchbox.
Second is the “Tier Display”. You can tier the bento dinner plates of each pair with each other. The bento dinner plates “lock” one inside the other thus enabling tiered stacking of multiple bento plates. For the small pair you can tier 3 rectangular bento plates, together with a lid. Or tier 2 rectangular bento dinner plates, together with 2 small square ones. Or tier just 2 rectangular ones together with one rectangular cover. For the large pair, you can tier 2 rectangular ones with 2 elongated rectangular ones. Or 1 rectangular with 2 square and 2 cutlery cases.
The third way to use the bento dinner plates in Front of the House, is the “Bento Basket”. We offer 3 baskets. In each basket you can mix and match different bento boxes just like you can do in the “Tier Display” baskets. Baskets are available in 3 sizes: for the small rectangular bento box, for the large square bento box and the large rectangular bento box. This is a unique solution for room service presentation. In one bento basket you can serve a meal together with a bread basket, an appetizer, a cutlery case and a condiment tray. Especially designed for Knock and Drop service; an in-room dining type of service where service leaves the Bento Basket outside the room on a folding tray so that room service trolley to not enter the room with their wheels. It is also convenient for small catering events as individual “lunch boxes”.

The Bento Dinner Plates in the Back of the House: Stackable Bento Boxes

You can stack the bento dinner plates without their covers, up to a height of 10-15 pieces and save space in kitchen storage. The “food grade” silicone bumpers enable bento boxes to “lock” one on top of another. You can also stack restaurant plate covers, either one on top of the other or sideways up to a height of 30 pieces.

Japanese Style Bento Box: the Luxury Bento Box

From the 13th century onward, the bento box has evolved into a symbol of Japanese culture. Later, it metamorphosed into the Jubako box, a square Japanese style bento box presented in stacks with the top one having a lid. They are ideal for plating any recipe or meal because it presents the food in compartments. Especially our black with a red inner side luxury bento dinner plate, looks almost like proper lacquer. However, as it is made of glass and not wood or lacquerware, it is dishwasher-safe, non toxic and it can be easily sanitized with chlorine bleach.

The Best Solution for In-Room Dining Service. Fine Dining in Hotel Rooms cannot be Enjoyed with Room Service Food Covers

During the hotel reopening phase, there is a trend evolving to have fine dining in the hotel room. Hotel guests will feel more comfortable in the safety of their hotel room. The bento dinner plates are covered dinner plates that will blend in this new serving trend. So, the in-room dining tableware have to satisfy this need of hotel guests. The covered bento dinner plates offer both safety and a memorable experience. 5-star hotels will need to provide both. To turn in-room dining service into fine dining in a hotel room, all you need apart from the fine dining menu, is to get rid of the traditional room service trolley as well as of the traditional room service tray. Offer in-room dining in a creative way with a bento basket complete with a cutlery case and a condiment tray. This is the way to help guests feel safe and make it worth for them to travel again.
Instead of using a room service food cover made of metal or plastic for your room service, offer your guests the extraordinary, creativity and a chance to post a food selfie on the social media. It’s all about In-Room Fine Dining!