Dome Plate Cover. The Magnetic Dome for Magical Food Presentations

Dome plate cover. The magnetic dome.

Introducing our soulful magnetic dome plate cover for magical food presentations. There is every speck of ingeniousness to the artistry of this plate with dome. The power of creative imagination and implementation techniques invested in this creation is off the charts. The magnetic dome has a leather handle with a neodymium magnet that can be easily connected to the dome. The leather handle adds a touch of style, practicality and a function of sustainable eco-luxury. The leather handle gives the dome plate cover a dichotomy of a deluxe and a minimalist flair.

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The magnetic dome is a dome plate cover that can be used on its own or on a 3-tier stand. Trust MyGlassStudio to top our uniqueness and challenge the momentum of culinary arts. The anatomy of the dome plate cover is one to covet.

Dome plate cover, leather handle

Magnetic leather handle is easily attached and detached

The neodymium magnet elevates the primal functionality of the dome plate cover. The magnetic dome gets its first appraisal at first sight. The leather handle gives the dome plate cover a seamless finish and superior functionality. The leather handle has the perfect stitching making it the finest buttery in tan, black or white leather. Servers and guests will enjoy the flatter and environmentally sustainable approach that doesn’t change seasonally. The magnetic dome is the all-season magic that your restaurant needs. It has that classic, affluent, figure-flattering and natural aesthetic that we all crave. The dome plate cover gives an impression of effort and poise.

At MyGlassStudio luxury means performance, uniqueness and progression. We design dome plate covers that will rival dinnerware and VIP amenities for centuries to come. With the magnetic dome, looks can kill and looks give you on-demand power. Enjoy the ultimate excellence of a dome plate cover that is self-sufficient. Stop using one-trick ponies that do not meet your pre-eminent standards.

Dome plate cover

Dome Plate Cover with Neodymium Magnet

Using the Cloche Dome Plate in Hotel Outlets

The cake plate with dome is exquisitely charming and has all the VIP elements from quality to fetching colors. The cake plate with dome has a lasting impression of an incredible sense of magnificence. The smooth finish, the leather handle, sleek aura, and hundred different ways of presentation makes it the perfect addition to your hotel.

If finer things in life had a physical manifestation it will be cake plates with domes. The modern cake stand with dome pays tribute to VIP treatments and heritage making. Modern cake domes can either be used independently or on a tiered stand. Independently, they showcase the intimate and customized culture of the restaurant or as a room amenity food presentation. On a tiered stand, they showcase the spirited and diverse nature of your hotel displayed during high tea service or as VIP amenities in hotel room.

Cake Plates with Dome

Cake Plates with Dome in Brown

The prime idea behind the cake plate dome was to make every detail as pronounced as possible. These up to the minute cake plates with dome overshadow the traditional metal dome. The modern cake domes can be used on a tiered stand and are essentially made to suit all your VIP hotel amenities needs.

Cake plates with domes are the little luxuries that will satisfy your guests’ vacation. The design and its avant-garde appeal transport you to summer and envelopes you with pleasant memories. Imbue your afternoon tea service and high tea events with the enchanted essence of the modern cake stand with dome.

black cake stand with dome

Black Cake Stand with Dome

High Side Plates & Glass Food Dome

High side plates and glass food domes are the unsurpassed definitions of luxury experience, giving a touch of modernity and elegance. They also fit perfectly on the high tea stand.

The glass food domes with the magnetic leather handle can be used alone together with the high sided plates or on the stand as well. The leather handle is magnetically connected to the dome making it the most majestic essence of glass domed serving trays. These high side plates and glass food domes are made with high-end quality as a consistent reward to our clients for their trust in our products.

High side plates and glass food domes come in black, brown, purple, grey, white and clear glass but can be customized in over 150 colors from our library.

High Sides Plates & Glass Food Dome Colors

High Sides Plates & Glass Food Dome Colors

Cake Stand and Dome with the Dome Plate Covers

You can either serve the dome plates individually or serve them on the cake stand and dome. Glass dome serving trays on the afternoon cake stands give the hotel a welcoming air of soothing quality.  It is a mashup of quality and flavor. All showpieces deserve a spotlight. The cake stand and dome looks eccentrically sensual at the lobby lounge.

An exotic fruit arrangement, intercontinental cheese collection, and signature chocolates will look captivating on the tiered cake stand with dome. Elevate your 3 tier high tea stands with our dome plate covers. They feel like silk on the hand and has irresistible magnetism. Afternoon tea is a sweet serenity for both the mind and the soul. Make the experience even more confounding with tiered cake stands with domes. High tea is an indulgent treat for the culture that’s ascertained when accompanied by a delicious bite in an upper-echelon tea ware.

Cake Stand and Dome with Dome Plate Covers

Cake Stand and Dome with Dome Plate Covers

Specifications of the Magnetic Dome Plate

Moreover, the dome plate looks eccentric with the leather handle especially against a tan color. The leather handle is magnetically connected to the dome making the handling revolutionary.  Swiftly attach and detach the leather handle without any industrial technique required. During washing, gently detach the leather handle. Colors are time-honored and ultra-durable, they will not peel off, fade or chip. Enjoy easy washing on dishwashers without this fear. The dome plate covers will maintain their sheen for years to come.

The powder-coated metal stand is safe for outdoor use and gives the glass dome serving trays a classy effect. Serve cakes, cheese, fruits on the afternoon tea stand with dome plate covers with the assurance that the food is protected.

Magnetic Dome Plate

Magnetic Dome Plate

All colors are free of lead and cadmium and are citric acid resistant. The ultra-durability of the high side plates and the glass food dome is off the charts. Relish in the high caliber of the astoundingly sensational modern design of the dome plate covers for professional use.

At MyGlassStudio, we welcome client’s vision in entirety. Choose from the standard collection of black, brown, grey, white, purple and clear glass or create a bespoke piece from our variegated color palette of over 150 colors for the glass domed serving trays and tiered stands. Just ask us for a bespoke proposal.

Our Bespoke approach is working with clients to bring your designs to life with the exquisite craftsmanship of the house.

Glass dome serving trayGlass domed serving tray  Modern cake stand with dome modern cake stand with domeblack cake stand with dome

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