Food Cloche Design. A Cube Cloche for Culinary Wonders

Food Cloche by MyGlassStudio

MyGlassStudio’s Food Cloche is the groundbreaking pacesetter to culinary wonders. This season, to our clients’ and diners’ hearts content, we gallantly introduce The Cube Cloche. An endearment of room amenities and pastry display. A collection of food cloches with metal handles served with footed glass trays with or without inserts. The collection includes 4 sizes of glass food cloches and footed trays.

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Cloche with inserts

Cloche with inserts

The cube cloche is a bewitching composite of colored square glass cloches that can be customized in over 150 colors. On display, they are a sight to ravage, and as majestically flamboyant as every meaningful sunrise. Its metal handles give it a leading edge of ‘beauty can reside in functionality’.

Cube Cloche

The Cube Cloche

Hoteliers are particularly excited about the food cloche as it’s a Picasso piece designed for its time. It’s a flawless signature curation, the only food cloche in the form of a cube. When historians will tell stories of the glass food cloche centuries to come, they will say its story began here. At the footnotes will be MyGlassStudio and we would like you right beside us.

The cube cloche has a sense of continuity and fluidity when laid against the footed glass trays.

The Cloche Food Cover and Technical Characteristics

As exquisite as the cloche food cover looks, “too elegant to be used for room amenities”, its functionality outweighs its aesthetics. It is dishwasher-safe and ultra-durable to withstand hundred-plus washes without its colors’ peeling off. It has a perfect balancing symmetry against footed trays due to its anti-slippery surface under the cloche plate cover. The user experience for the cloche food cover is elevated as guests can now rest the cube cloche vertically on its side. Also, the metal handle is made by powder-coated metal, which gives it the advantage to be used outdoors.

Cloche food cover

Cloche Food Cover Specifications

Square and Rectangular Cloche in 4 Sizes

Serving Cloche in four sizes is the symmetry of this collection. The natural world around us is based on geometry that communicates in shapes, patterns, texture and colors. This serving cloche is aligned with the wonderful mystery of nature’s geometry and everything it has to offer.

It comes in with a rectangular food cloche and tray, a fetching combination that will become a household name and recommended for VIP room amenities and fine dining. The accompanying footed trays are bewitchingly alluring, especially with the glass feet detail.

It also comes as a square glass cloche in large, medium and small sizes. The stability, order, boundedness, regularity and reliability of the square glass cloche makes it beguiling to the eyes, tempting to the tongue, and captivating to diners. Its straight lines seal its stability making it ideal for transportation and large-scale usage.

Serving Cloche

Serving Cloche in Transparent

Square Glass Cloche – Small

With dimensions 11x11cm the small square glass cloche is ideal to cover hotel welcome amenities and turndown amenities in the guest room of the hotel. This serving cloche is also great for dessert presentation for fine dining experience. The restaurant cloche comes with a black metal handle that is suitable for outdoor use.

Square Glass Cloche - Small

Square Glass Cloche – Small

Square Glass Cloche – Medium

Medium Square Glass Cloche with the footed tray is 17.5×17.5x12cm and can be used for hotel welcome amenities, such as a cheese selection or fruits. The cube cloche is also ideal for fine dining dessert presentation in the restaurant or as a glass cake dome at the dessert section of the buffet.

Square Glass Cloche - Medium

Square Glass Cloche – Medium

Square Glass Cloche – Large

The Large Square Glass Cloche with the footed glass is 23x23x12cm; the ideal dimensions for a large cake. This serving cloche is made primary for the dessert section or pastry display of the buffet, however it can also be used in a fine dining restaurant for dessert presentation or even to cover hotel welcome amenities, such as cheeses, VIP amenities and fruits.

Square Glass Cloche - Large

Square Glass Cloche – Large

Rectangular Food Cloche

Lastly, the 4th size of the collection is the rectangular food cloche with the footed tray with dimensions of 28x11x13cm. The rectangular serving cloche is ideal for dessert and cake presentation for the buffet. It is very easy to use in the buffet as it can be stacked on its side. It can also be used in the room to cover hotel welcome amenities, such as desserts.

Rectangular Food Cloche

Rectangular Food Cloche

The Cube Cloche. Cloche Plate in “Minimal” Colors for Room Amenities

Simplicity is an acquired taste but minimalism is an acquired lifestyle for lovers of life. A cloche plate presented in a minimal color palette is a gratifying build up to a vibrant meal with an extravagant surprise of techniques garnishes and plating.

Black, Gold, Grey and Clear are some of the minimalist colors that got us earth struck. This color palette is a quartet boomerang of black power, gold riches, grey neutrals and clear skies. The grey or black cloche is on brand and representative of everything natural, coastal flair and balance of being.

Plate a spectacular meal against these two powerhouses: anomalous footed glass trays and exceptional silver cloche food cover.

Cloche Plate

Cloche Plate for Room Amenities

The Cake Cloche with “Macaroon” Colors for Pastry Display

Enjoy summer colors all year round with these cake cloches. In this dessert cloche collection, we have sunshine orange tones, pink hues of romance and a bold picnic green. These colors create an irresistible triad of cozy, love and food, which is all guests desire from a hospitality facility.

Enjoy making your own cake cloche with color palettes from our generous pool of 150 colors, from coastal palettes inspired by beachy feelings of watery shades of blue to white bleached skies. Our standard color selection of trays is playful, happy and energizing that will match the cake cloche. Nevertheless, the glass cake cloche collection can also be offered in a multitude of colors including burgundy, chocolate brown, marrone brown, vanilla white, satin blue, cherry red, yellow, lilac and of course Laduree or pistachio green. We will create the pastry cloche bespoke for you.

Glass Cake Cloche

Glass Cake Cloche for Pastry Display

Smoking Gun Food Cloche for Restaurant Chefs

The smoking gun food cloche will infuse the food with smoky flavor and aroma. Get that rich smoky flavor to the BLT with smoking techniques that will impress your hotel and restaurant guests. The glass cloche for smoking gun is the ideal way for restaurant chefs, home chefs and mixologists to add flavor and a “WOW” effect to their presentation. You can use any type of food smoker, such as portable smoke infusers or professional smoking guns created for restaurants.

Smoking Gun Food Cloche

Smoking Gun Food Cloche

Watch the Smoking Gun Cloche video here:


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