Modern Lunchbox Design | Handmade Lunchboxes for Hotels & Bars

Modern Lunchbox Design

Lots of lunchboxes exist. Usually, to carry food in the office space or serve toddlers in school. Most of them are made of disposable or non-sustainable materials. Only one lunchbox is specifically made for the hotels and bars.

The MyGlassStudio modern lunchbox is a casual but brings a modern approach to food delivery. Ideal for hotels and bars for in-room dining service, lounges and bar food service.

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The Modern Lunchbox Collection in Detail

The modern lunchbox set consists of a deep bowl in white and a colored cover wrapped with an elastic black band. The high edge bowls are perfect for bowl food. And bowl food is all about comfort. A lunchbox design that will protect the meal, without compromising on the eating experience! It will actually enhance it!

Modern Appetizer Plates and Lunchbox in pink

Modern Lunchbox in Pink

Some of the main characteristics of the modern lunchbox collection is that they are dishwasher- and oven-safe, ultra-durable, non-toxic and lightweight.


It comes in 3 sizes; large, medium and small to use in a variety of portions and meals.

You can also mix and match the lids from 5 different vibrant colors: Cream, Pink, Gray, Mint and Leather Brown and match any interior of the hotel or bar. The covers can be also used as a small appetizer plate or restaurant side plate.

Modern lunchbox in 5 colors

Modern Lunchbox in 5 Colors

Use the Leather Tiffin Carrier to Carry the Lunchboxes

The tiffin carrier can be used as a tray for use in restaurants or bars together with the large modern lunchbox. Two or three large lunch boxes can be served tiered with their cover. You can serve the appetizer in the top tier and the main in the bottom.

The leather tiffin grants versatility in the modern lunchbox layout, allowing its use in many hotel outlets, such as a room service tray to place 2 or 3 modern lunchboxes, again showcasing appetizer, main and dessert in three tiers.

Tiffin carrier for lunchboxes

Tiffin Carrier for the Modern Lunchboxes

Deliver the meal in a unique way to resort villas as a “knock and drop” or as a picnic basket to guests for their day out at the beach. It is also a great solution for bars and lounges to deliver small appetizers, finger food, snacks or even modern afternoon tea service.


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