Modern Hexagon Tasting Plates for Unique Events and Receptions

Modern Hexagon Tasting Plates

The Hexagon Plates are ultra durable monoportion mini appetizer plates for events, receptions and cocktail parties. Created to display finger food and canapes in a creative and colorful way, they are perfect to be used as stylish tasting plates or also for unique chocolate turndown service.

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Arrange the Hexas in distinct ways by mixing & matching the modern hexagon plates in color themes and let guests have a memorable experience. Align the display in a colorful manner and be assured that there will be no breakage when the tasting plates go back to the dishwasher.
Our standard color selection of 150 Pantone designated colors can create moods that are memorable for every party. As examples, we have selected 2 color themes: Charcoal Gray and a Summer Vibes palette.

Hexagonal Plates in Charcoal Grey           Tasting Plates in Summer Vibes

Hexagon Plates in Charcoal Gray

The first color selection is the hexagon plates in Charcoal Gray. This palette represents an urban concept which includes copper and dark gray colors: metallic copper, winterwood gray and dark gray. If you are looking for this urban atmosphere with solid and dark colors for your event, then the mini tasting plates are definitely the perfect fit.

  Hexagon Tasting Plates in Charcoal Grey Hexagonal Plates in Charcoal Grey

Tasting Plates for Monoportions in Summer Vibes Colors

In case you fancy something brighter and more colorful, the tasting plates in Summer Vibes colors would be the ideal gem on your occasion. The Summer Vibes selection of the hexagon plates includes the complete spectrum of beach colors, starting from the sand and going all the way down to the deep blue waters. You can create such a colorful and warm atmosphere with these mini appetizer plates in porcelain turquoise blue, silver gray, onyx navy blue, camel almond beige and bright chartreuse green.

Tasting Plates in Beach Colors    Tasting Plates in Beach Colors

Mini Appetizer Plates with Unique Technical Characteristics

The mini appetizer plates possess unique technical characteristics which make them suitable for professional use:
– Ultra-Durable
– Dishwasher Safe
– Colors Do Not Peel Off
– Non Toxic – Lead & Cadmium Free
– Citric Acid Resistant Colors

Mini Appetizer Plates in Light Blue

Mini Appetizer Plates in Light Blue

Discover the colors of your own event with the Hexas – modern, colorful mini tasting plates! Let them help you create a unique character and memorable atmosphere of your reception, catering event or cocktail party!
Take advantage of our Bespoke approach and the Quantity Discounts available. Order dispatch in 4 weeks.
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