Tiered Serving Platters – Mid-Century Modern Canape Display for Receptions

Buffet Food Display in Dark Aqua

The tiered serving platters of the Mid-Century Modern canape display collection juxtaposes sleek lines with organic shapes. It is an aesthetic that is rooted in functionality, clean lines, and simplicity.

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The Mid-century modern canape display aesthetic is characterized by key functional elements, including canape serving trays of stylish surfaces, designed to display one-bite appetizers. A Sleek Canape Display that relies on hygienic, non-porous glass surfaces that can be dish-washed. Tiered canape serving platters of different shapes (round, square and rectangular), incorporated with anti-slip rubber-coated metal buffet risers for a contemporary buffet food display.

The collection consists of tiered serving platters, a bowl riser set with 3 footed serving bowls, footed boards in rectangular and square shapes, and finally, tasting plates & bowls.

Tiered Food Stands in Light Blue

Tiered Food Stands in Light Blue

Tiered Serving Platters for Dynamic Buffet Food Display

The tiered serving platters are perfect for a modern canape display. There are 2 rectangular platters of different heights and one square cake stand that can make up a 3 tier platter presentation. The canape serving platters consist of removable canape serving trays for easy replenishment of the appetizers at cocktail parties.
For a more contemporary and dynamic look use the 3 tier rectangular serving platter with removable canape serving trays, that can also be used individually for appetizers or pastry display.

Food Buffet Display in White and Gold   Tiered Food Stand in Natural Colors

Metal Buffet Risers to Create Levels of Food Presentation

The 3 metal buffet risers help create levels of food presentation. The footed boards are removable and fit inside the metal buffet display risers, thus not allowing them to slide off. The metal tiered food stands also have a coating of liquid rubber in order to be more stable.

Buffet display equipment for professional use!

3-Tier Serving Bowls in Blue  Serving Bowls with Stand

The buffet riser set can also go with platters, shallow or deep, as well as with rimless boards. In the last option, the set can also be a unique wedding cake stand on 3 different levels.

Tiered Wedding Cake Stand   Cake Pedestal in Black

3-Tier Bowl Stand for Slanted Bowls Display

The bowl riser set is comprised of 3 serving bowls with stand that share the same diameter, but different heights. The 3-tier serving bowls can be used together with 3 tier rectangular serving platter for a Mid-Century Modern canape display.
The 3 tier serving bowls are perfect as buffet salad bowls, fruit bowls and other buffet uses. The metal risers have an anti-slip rubber coating to protect the buffet serving bowls from sliding off and to allow the bowls to stay angled, thus creating a slanted bowl arrangement on 3 levels.

Serving Bowls with Stand in Black

Serving Bowls with Stand in Black

Footed Serving Boards; Rectangular and Square

There are 4 sizes of footed boards in the collection: two rectangular platters and two square cake stands. Footed boards can fit inside the metal risers’ frame, thus not allowing the footed serving board to slide left or right. The 2 large serving platters can be used together with the risers or they can display canapes on their own as long serving boards.

3-Tier Platter   Rectangular Serving Platter

Tasting Plates & Bowls for Mono Portions

The Mid-Century Modern collection also includes tasting plates & bowls. The tasting bowls with raised edges are ideal for small portions of salad or desserts. They are perfectly used for catering, receptions, and buffet food displays.
The mini appetizer plates have a light open curve. One can be used as a tasting plate for mono portions and small appetizers at catering events and cocktail parties.

Mini Appetizer Plates in Black    Tasting Bowls in White

Designed for functionality, the Mid-Century Modern canape display is also notable for its theatrics.
It isn’t just about how the food tastes and how efficient the service is… it’s also about how it looks and especially, how it fits a concept. Rather than simply being a surface to hold the food until it’s eaten, like white ceramic platters, the Mid-Century Modern collection combines functionality, professionalism and on top of that – it provides a stylish backdrop, supporting thematic displays.

Buffet Display Risers

Buffet Display Risers

Match the canape display with The Hexas – Mini Tasting Plates for events and receptions!

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