Modern Hexagon Tasting Plates

Modern Hexagon Tasting Plates for Unique Events and Receptions

The Hexagon Plates are ultra durable monoportion mini appetizer plates for events, receptions and cocktail parties. Created to display finger food and canapes in a creative and colorful way, they are perfect to be used as stylish tasting plates or also for unique chocolate turndown service. Arrange the Hexas in distinct ways by mixing & […]

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Buffet Food Display in Dark Aqua

Tiered Serving Platters – Mid-Century Modern Canape Display for Receptions

The tiered serving platters of the Mid-Century Modern canape display collection juxtaposes sleek lines with organic shapes. It is an aesthetic that is rooted in functionality, clean lines, and simplicity. The Mid-century modern canape display aesthetic is characterized by key functional elements, including canape serving trays of stylish surfaces, designed to display one-bite appetizers. A […]

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Dome plate cover. The magnetic dome.

Dome Plate Cover. The Magnetic Dome for Magical Food Presentations

Introducing our soulful magnetic dome plate cover for magical food presentations. There is every speck of ingeniousness to the artistry of this plate with dome. The power of creative imagination and implementation techniques invested in this creation is off the charts. The magnetic dome has a leather handle with a neodymium magnet that can be easily […]

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Food Cloche by MyGlassStudio

Food Cloche Design. A Cube Cloche for Culinary Wonders

MyGlassStudio’s Food Cloche is the groundbreaking pacesetter to culinary wonders. This season, to our clients’ and diners’ hearts content, we gallantly introduce The Cube Cloche. An endearment of room amenities and pastry display. A collection of food cloches with metal handles served with footed glass trays with or without inserts. The collection includes 4 sizes of […]

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Modern Lunchbox Design

Modern Lunchbox Design | Handmade Lunchboxes for Hotels & Bars

Lots of lunchboxes exist. Usually, to carry food in the office space or serve toddlers in school. Most of them are made of disposable or non-sustainable materials. Only one lunchbox is specifically made for the hotels and bars. The MyGlassStudio modern lunchbox is a casual but brings a modern approach to food delivery. Ideal for […]

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