Covered Dinner Plates in the Food Service Industry

luxurious hotel plate cover

The covered dinner plates by MyGlassStudio serves a new solution as the hotel and food service industry has specifically taken a hard hit during this Corona Virus pandemic.

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Plate Serving Covers – Use the Bento Dinner Plate Instead

After months of lockdown filled with uncertainties, hoteliers and diners across the world are now reopening following relaxation of rules. As restaurants come up with strategies like contactless dining to spice up their styles of service, covered dinner plates and plate serving covers should be a top priority. The design, usefulness and practicality of the dinner plates you use helps to achieve contactless dining and in this case health safety. A covered dinner plate set that includes appetizer plates, main course plates and soup bowls.

Plate Serving Covers

Plate Serving Covers by MyGlassStudio

Use Bento Plates to Offer a Covered Serving Dish

We knew this time would come, when we will have to reopen in style whilst observing the new restaurants’ operating guidelines. But guidelines don’t stop clients from being skeptical of safety. And that’s why upon resumption hoteliers should come up with strategies. The covered serving dishes will delight guests and provide peace of mind to Covid anxious ones. At the same time, the modern covered dinner plates will not compromise luxury. Discover fine dining etiquette during Covid-19.

Covered Serving Dish

Covered Serving Dish and Cutlery Case Preset

Room Amenities with Bento Dinner Plate Covers

The dilemma is that how do you maintain ambience in the room, menu arrangements, themed décor and still guarantee health safety without breaking the bank. MyGlassStudio has released a bespoke bento dinner plate collection, which come as covered serving plates. They are ideal for the room amenity program, for pastries and macarons, décor or as a jewelry box.

Bento Dinner Plate Covers

Bento Dinner Plate Covers for Room Amenities

Covered Serving Dish – A New Design

A lot of restaurants are re-adopting the norm of covered serving plates and we think it’s just brilliant. That is why we cannot let you use conventional designs or let the pandemic steal the joy out of your menu arrangements. Our covered serving dish are bespoke to managing hotel service during and after the pandemic. A collection of designer hotel plate covers that will delight guests and offer a memorable experience.

Covered Serving Dish

Covered Serving Dish

It’s a covered dinner plate that has a sleek cover design, which guarantees your client’s contactless service. Restoring that trust between a client and a restaurant is not going to be easy. But a demonstration of initiative by serving in a luxurious hotel plate cover, which guarantees hygiene, is a good place to start.

luxurious hotel plate cover

Luxurious Hotel Plate Cover

Restaurant Plate Covers Serve by 3 Philosophies

Guardianship of a Dinner Plate Cover

Bento dinner plate covers prevent exposure to air droplet and gives both hoteliers and diners a peace of mind. Its dinner plate covers are non-porous, so no liquid or infectious agent can go through.

Dinner Plate Cover

Cool Grey Dinner Plate Cover

Hygiene & Safety

Go-to checklists for restaurant’s hygiene have just gotten longer. As hospitality facilities reopen and renovate, conventional dinner plate covers will still be waiting for you. Time to upgrade to a dinner plate cover that doesn’t include finger over your food. During and after Covid-19 we choose dining etiquette.

Restaurant Plate Covers

Cool Grey Restaurant Plate Covers

Wonderment! – Cover for Safety. Uncover in Style!

To us it’s more than hygiene and busking in the gloom and doom of the pandemic. Bento dinner plate covers is our gift to chefs for diners. We understand diners are looking for a time to forget and make merry, so beneath the Bento dinner plate covers there will always be a treat waiting to be uncovered and revealed. Part of our vision while designing the covered serving plates was to help the hospitality industry to stay in business and offer their clientele even better service.

Covered dinner plates

Covered Dinner Plates by MyGlassStudio

While many restaurants are focused on sanitizing their establishments every few minutes, and making surgical masks the order of the day, you can top that by adding style to safety. Diners are now more than ever looking for the next evolved element in restaurants and hospitality facilities.

They don’t expect status quo. A high clientele in restaurants is usually mostly attributed to trends, service, experience and ambience. Here is a demonstration video of what dining with safety and in style looks like:


This is the best time to exploit value additions to your food service establishment by going contactless with covered serving plates. The modern covered dinner plates doesn’t limit your serving routine. Even with Covid-19, diners want to enjoy mutual dining etiquette, where the hospitality facility matches their preferences.

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