Durable Dinnerware: Bento Dinner Plates

Glass Soup Bowl

“People who live in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones.” Well, whoever said this has clearly not interacted with our durable dinnerware. It is break resistant dinnerware that has been specifically fashioned to withstand the hulking impact of a hammer.

A common misconception is the generalization that glass is fragile and it doesn’t qualify to be quantified among durable dishes. MyGlassStudio presents to you a durable dinnerware that celebrates the highest level of craftsmanship. Even to glass there are levels.

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Here is a video demonstration of a hammer against our light blue unbreakable dish:

Break Resistant Dinnerware for Professional Restaurant Use

We consider the Bento Dinner plates as a piece of history serving its purpose now. We trust in these durable dishes so much so, that all our products come with an anti-chipping guarantee.

The glass is toughened to be resistant to scratches from cutlery including stainless steel and cannot be inscribed by cutlery with up to 52% carbon on the Rockwell Hardness Scale. It’s a super commodity made for a super user like restaurants and hospitality facilities that bank on durable dishes. But most importantly, the modern bento box is made to make a client feel special. We look at it as our special gift from the chef to a diner.

It will not shatter into pieces or turn into glass dust when dropped on the floor. If it breaks, it will break just like ceramics. Manufacturing plays a more critical role in producing durable plates than the material does. Glass is our go-to material but it is the thought process, quality and time that we invest in manufacturing that earns us durable dinnerware.

It is particularly captivating to work with glass because it gives a window to experiment with endless designs and ideas all within the measure of durability. For instance, we fire colors at high temperatures so they fuse into the glass. One doesn’t have to worry about the chipping of color, as it is not on a separate layer. Besides our modern bento boxes being chip- and break-resistant, all our modern bento boxes are “light weight”. This makes it easy to stack, tier and carry during service.

Soup Bowl

The bento dinner plate has been manufactured in ultra-high temperature giving it its virtually indestructible qualities of non-porous, ultra-durable, oven and dishwasher safe and unbreakable microwave safe dishes.

Moreover, sanitizing dishes and bento plates is easy with MyGlassStudio glass dinnerware.

Chip Resistant and Durable Dinnerware Set

Its virtually indestructible ability makes it fit for shipping both domestically and overseas. MyGlassStudio did a 1-meter to measure the durability of our product and proficiency of the master pack.
We dropped a box with 5 plates to the ground and the durable glass dinnerware survives the impact. The master pack is made of a 5-layer 25ECW1 quality paper and inside the box is a 100gr double bubble wrap to separate the glass plates.

Here is a link to watch the test.

Bento plates can withstand heat up to 120ºC / 250ºF for more than 8 hours and only takes approximately 20 minutes for the temperature to drop from 100ºC to 40ºC. This allows the durable dinnerware to stay spanking new for a long time. Everyday will be unboxing day.

MyGlassStudio has considered when manufacturing the bento dinner plate collection. It is our desire that hoteliers and restaurants meet their restaurant’s needs and demands and fulfill efficiency while at it.

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