Picnic Basket Sets or Bento Baskets for Room Service

Room Service Tray

The modern bento basket is the equivalent of the picnic basket set, in a modern design, for food service establishments. It is MyGlassStudio’s response to the new post-covid food-service trends.
“Picnic set” type of Bento dinner plate baskets have exceptional advantages in Safe, Contactless and Efficient meal delivery, whether you need to deliver a meal to a guest room, a villa, in small events and coffee breaks, buffet, lobby lounge or function room.

• Picnic Baskets fit in the hot box to keep food warm, transported safely with a buggy, a room service trolley, a serving tray or by holding it from the handle.
• There are possibilities to prepare a variety of menus by using the picnic bento basket in different dinner plate configurations. Can be used in 1, 2 or 3 tiers.
• A complete solution since it can incorporate cutlery case, condiment tray, table setting elements such as a napkin ring and personal salt and pepper holders.
Light-weight and easy to be carried by guests, who do not wish room service trolleys (which rolled in kitchens, elevators, and basements) to enter their room.
• It allows for cold food (salads, desserts etc) to stay at the bottom tiers of the basket, while hot meals to be placed at the top tiers of the basket.
• Use these luxury picnic baskets to serve a complete course in tiers. Mix and match different bento plate colors.
• Metal coating is specified for use outdoors, under harsh weather conditions and withstands salt atmospheric corrosion. Metal baskets come in a variety of colors matching the color of the bento plates.

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At MyGlassStudio we developed 3 sizes of bento picnic basket sets, each for a specific purpose. Explore the bento plates collection in detail.

Luxury Picnic Baskets are Huge for In-Room Dining and Room Amenities

Luxury picnic baskets are a game changer for room service including room amenities and in-room dining. For small serving portions, these deluxe picnic baskets, come with an option of 2 sizes: the small and the medium picnic basket.
1. The medium picnic basket is made up of 3 small rectangular bento dinner plates and 1 small rectangular plate cover. An excellent solution to serve a complete meal in room service appetizers, pasta dishes or bar food snacks.

Luxury Picnic Baskets

Medium Luxury Picnic Baskets

2. The small square bento basket consists of 3 large square bento dinner plates and 1 large square cover. This contemporary picnic basket is very versatile and can be used with 1, 2 or 3 tiers depending on what the purpose will be. One or 2 tier picnic baskets can be used for room amenities for sliced fruits, cold cuts, petit fours and … With 3 tiers, it can also be used as an afternoon tea stand or serving bar food in lounges.

square bento picnic basket

Small Picnic Basket

A Room Service Tray Out of the Ordinary

The room service tray has absolute versatility and will accommodate any combination of Bento Dinner Plates. It can be used as a room service tray to place the luxury picnic basket and deliver to the room for a lux in-room dining service.
The service tray can also be used in restaurants or banquets on which the dishes can be served one by one on a single tray or charger, thus replacing the place-mat. It will be presented with a cutlery case as well as with a dipping bowl set.
The tray grants versatility in the bento dinner plate layout, allowing the use of dinner plates from both the small and the large pair to be combined.

Picnic Basket with Room Service Tray

Bento Basket and Room Service Tray

Contemporary Black or Pink Picnic Baskets

The collection comes in 11 colors to match every interior. Choose between semi-transparent, art deco patterns or double colored patterns such as red and black picnic baskets or white and pink picnic baskets.
Pink Picnic Baskets are what dreams are made of! These cute picnic basket sets will keep your sweet treats chilled out, and comes with a detachable metal holder, a cutlery case (if needed) and the bento plates are already included!

Pink Picnic Basket

Pink Picnic Basket

Gold Picnic Basket

Gold Picnic Basket

Contemporary black picnic baskets are ideal for an urban and minimalist style, the black picnic baskets. Fully stocked with bento dinner plates, and cutlery presets, this is the ultimate picnic set.

black picnic baskets

Black Picnic Basket

A Modern Picnic Set Designed for In-Room Dining Service

The modern picnic set is the equivalent of the large bento baskets. This bento basket is designed for the in-room dining service. The basket can be placed outside the room on a folding butler tray and work as a “knock and drop” delivery.

The large bento picnic set is comprised of one large rectangular bento dinner plate, 2 large square plates, 2 long rectangle plates and 2 long rectangular covers. This “picnic” set is great for food delivery in in-room dining as well as for delivery with buggies in resort villas and fits in hot boxes. The picnic basket holds the large dinner plate where you can have the main course such as steak. In the large square plates you can have the appetizer, salad or dessert or the side dishes of the main course, such as chips and or you can use it as a bread basket.

Modern Picnic Set

Modern Picnic Set

The long rectangle plates can be used: the first as a condiment tray (by adding the square condiment bowls) and the second as the cutlery case (optionally, along with napkin holder, salt and pepper holder and cutlery rest). In this way you have a complete meal delivered to the room.

Luxury Picnic Set

Luxury Picnic Set

Luxury Picnic Set with Cutlery Preset

The luxury picnic set or large bento basket is a complete solution since it can incorporate the cutlery case, condiment tray, table setting elements such as a napkin ring and personal salt and pepper holders. A room service picnic set to reopen with safety and in style.

You can use the luxury picnic basket and sets to serve a complete course in tiers. Mix and match different bento plate colors. Moreover, there are possibilities to prepare a variety of menus by using the modern picnic basket in different dinner plate configurations. The high end picnic basket is an environmentally sustainable solution (all materials used are absolutely recyclable and adhere to sustainability standards). It is relevant to the Covid situation but an asset for long term as they encompass the needs for in-room dining, meetings and events, restaurants, bar food, lobby lounges and even receptions.

Here are some more of their specifications:
Covered bento baskets. They come together with the lid.
• Dishwasher & oven safe
• Suitable for hotbox
• Super durable
• Leak-proof
• Made of glass; a sanitizable & nonporous material
• The glass can be pre-heated without food up to 140oC / 280oF for more than 8 hours
Stackable and have a locking system – top tier will not slide off
• Food safe and non-toxic (no lead or cadmium) materials
• Glass is resistant to acids contained in ingredients such as vinegar, tomato and lemon
• Freezer safe to -20oC / -4oC
Resistant to cutlery with up to 52% carbon on the Rockwell Hardness scale

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