Bento Box Plating for the New Food Trends

Modern Bento Box

The art of bento box plating food is like poetry, rhythmic to the soul and euphoric to the eyes. A chef’s work does not end at preparing a toothsome meal. We all want a picturesque plated food that triggers all our five senses. Plating is where chefs and food enthusiasts demonstrate their upper echelon culinary skills.

A meal with a vibrant finish, symmetry and color accents adds value to the experience of diners. The kind of plate that you use plays a key role in determining the plating outcome. Bento box plating elevates the aesthetic of food making the process more pleasurable and gratifying to plating masters.

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The Bento dinner plate box design comes in decorous colors that create a seamless symphony for plating food allowing one to experiment with endless plating techniques. MyGlassStudio new Bento Dinner Plates are quintessential for Curating your food.

Every foodie influencer knows that food is art, plating is the colorant, bento box is the canvas, but doing it right is an earnest swank. Bento plating is an old Japanese art of food plating called Moritsuke, which presents a meal in compartments encouraging order of consumption.

The recent plating fads on Bento Boxes across the world have been inspired by the timeless traditional culture of food presentation from the Japanese. Moritsuke teaches us that it doesn’t matter if you are carrying food to work, if you are getting take out at a restaurant or if you are dining at a formal, food presentation is a must, it’s a way of life. Read more about the Japanese Style Bento Box Food Display.

Creators have taken this concept and evolved it to meet the needs and demands of our times like being fundamental in the fight against Covid-19. Finally, we can bring respect and hygiene to the kitchen and restaurants with food safety and privacy.

Fine Dining Plating and Food Trends

Here are 5 Plating Techniques by MyGlassStudio to help you achieve a high-toned plating technique.

1. Frame It in a Rectangle or a Square

Bento Boxes

Bento Dinner Plates – small square

2. Lead the Focus in One Ingredient

Bento Box

Bento Box – S5-S6-02-RHZ422021

3. Moritsuke It in Compartments

Luxury picnic basket for room service

Luxury Picnic Basket – SC-18-08-X40

4. Empty Space… its Outside the Box

Modern Bento Box

Modern Bento Box – DMZ026021

3. The Right Size… a Box for the Right Portion

Soup Bowl

Soup Bowl – S5-S6-03-SS3843

To make your creative process easier chefs recommend these plating tools. Plating should be fun, easy to execute and visually appealing to your clients. Think of it as an art and the following your tool kit. You will need a squeeze bottle or a piping bag to apply sauces with precision.

The Art of Fine Dining Food Plating

Ring molds can be especially useful to Bento dinner plates to help you build height. Chopsticks or tweezers help to carefully position delicate garnishes. Other tools you might need are tongs, brushes, saucer spoons, geometric molds et al. Bento box plating is about telling your story, and arousing your diners’ dopamine.

The Bento dinner plate is already a box of mystery that is wondrous to the eyes. It holds the textures and flavors of the food right from the kitchen to a diner’s table. How food is presented in it needs grace and patience. We are headed to a post-Covid world where display of culinary skills is off the roof.

Diners want safety and elegance. With Covid-19, a buffet arrangement is at demand yet near impossible to delegate as diners have their reservations. Except, baby showers, birthday parties and receptions still have to go on. Bento box plating offers end to end solutions that you won’t be able to achieve with conventional plates.

Moritsuke allows you to compartmentalize and play with plating techniques from your entrée to dessert in clear bento dinner plates. This alluringly tired exhibition will be heaven on earth for any foodie.

The Bento dinner plate is more than a pretty face in the pandemic.


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