Bento Dessert in Gold Luxury Bento Box

Luxury Bento Box

A bento dessert served in our luxury bento dinner plate is worth its weight in gold. The gold bento dinner plate collection offers diners a titanic experience, rare of its kind and a luxury of its time. It is made of real liquid gold, normally a privilege only known to Kings.

There is an ancient Chinese tradition and belief that says gold tableware is the elixir of life, those who dine from it are assured of eternal youth. Whether this is true or not, it’s a mystery that I recommend you to uncover. It’s not everyday that you uncover a covered dinner plate packaged in real liquid gold.

We say silver is speech and silence is golden for a reason. Plating desserts on our gold serving dishes is a visual feast made easy. The gold covered dinner plate has a mien which creates a fantasy of “what will be my reward?” It naturally sets high expectations to diners.

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Bento Dessert Plating in Restaurants

This is why it is important to master the art of Bento dessert plating. Here are a few tips from top chefs that you can never go wrong with. Desserts are usually pastries, ice-creams, soups, puddings anything minimal and sweet. Simply put, it is the final flavorsome meal of the day.

When it comes to the presentation of desserts a diner always anticipates to be delighted, surprised and enjoy at full throttle.

So, plating desserts consider these 4 characteristics.

  • Color is the wow factor; it sets the pace for sensationalizing a diner’s taste buds. Except, our gold bento dinner plates amplify the surprise by rewarding diners with instant gratification. Decorating or garnishing your dessert with color complements the plates. Using Ruby-red cherries or rainbow sprinkles on a chocolate mound of goodness adds edge to the dessert presented in a covered serving dish.
  • Texture increases visibility and refines the composition of plating desserts.  Smooth desserts like a classic chocolate mousse delight goes well with nubby mint cookie crumbs, nuts and a playful spread of marshmallows.
  • Flavor is for the sense of taste. Complement flavors that give the taste buds an ultimate treat.  A tart taste blends well with a sweet sauce for a sweet and sour balance. Feel free to experiment with different flavors and even consult with your diner prior to making.
  • Temperatures contrasting is a thoughtful creative mix to dessert plating. For example, plating Ice cream and a fruit tart or pie makes it a warm playground.

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Gold Bento Box

Gold is a prominent color that complements the splash and splendor of desserts. Some desserts are dramatically enchanting and some calmly sweet, the gold color highlights these key features and helps you tell your story.

Bento Dessert in Gold Luxury Bento Box

Bento Dessert in Gold Luxury Bento Box

Furthermore, when plating dessert in the luxury bento boxes remember the devil is always in the detail. While MyGlassStudio has made a sensational work of art, it is important to keep the pace and detail your desserts. They say you eat with your eyes first. What I see goes a long way in influencing how my dessert will taste.

A bento dessert comes in a covered serving dish which makes clients feel more special and specifically attended to. Almost like an intimate experience between themselves and the chef.

This covered Bento box design is a siren that will attract customers and make plating experience for chefs worth their cook, especially desserts. The Gold covered dinner plates come in a rectangular and square luxury bento boxes.

Luxury Bento Box for a Fine Dining Restaurant Service

Gold has always been used to make dinnerware and accessories but for a long time it was only reserved for the upper echelon. In fact, the formula of mixing gold powder with natural oils and other chemicals was guarded and kept secret until 1831.

Before then, Liquid gold was a preserve for the few. ingredients including natural oils and organic acids. Now many formulas exist and manufactures are exploring more ways of producing fine grain of gold.

Liquid gold is usually made with 4 to 12% of gold dissolved from granules and mixed with many other organics. The covered bento dinner plate has a non-porous surface, it is ultra-durable, chlorine bleach resistant, dishwasher safe, leak proof and oven safe.

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