Covid-19 Era and Contactless Dining

Modern bento box brown

Covid-19 era is closing in already. We are anxious of the incoming changes yet happy to get our life back on track. Massive shifts are already visible and we can’t help but wonder if our new normal will be for the better.

Contactless Dining for Restaurant and Dining Service

Restaurants keep reinventing and innovating the concept of contactless dining. Fine dining that usually comes with a plethora of cutlery, beverage ware, table cloth and dishes have been kicked to the curbs to prioritize safety. Tables have been left plain and bare.

Regardless, people still need to eat and hotels are working to recover simple joys. Paper menus have also been dropped to adopt touchless dining. Take for instance this Oro Bistro Restaurant in Rome that has gone 100% contactless dining, diners sit on tables inserted with QR codes.

They load menus to their phones and place an order. This has been adopted across the world and diners are placing orders to virtual servers. Queuing online and normalizing digital receipts to avoid contact.

The world is loving it as it makes everything easier and seamless and forecasts see this adoption staying post-Covid. The model of business service will have to change as the paradigm is leading towards contactless and touchless dining.

Covered Dinner Plates for Touchless Dining

Moreover, covid-19 has added covered dinner plates to the list of fine dining etiquette. Every licensed hotel and restaurant recognize the importance of proper handling of food. As we close in to Post-Covid, hotels and restaurants will be competing to offer the best style safe service in lieu of conventional styles.

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Moreover, covered dinner plates is not a modern phenomenon, it was practiced by the Greeks in their symposium, among other periods in history. Post-Covid will teleport this needed habit. World Health Organization recommends to keep food covered to avoid food borne diseases or bacteria contamination. Discover the covered dinner plates by MyGlassStudio.

Bento box design - brown

Style: DMZ026021

Defeat Covid-19 with Covered Dinner Plates

Covid-19 has forced a lot of restaurants to put their luxury dinner plates in storage and use more disposables for deliveries, drive-through and eating take out indoor. Although more hotels and restaurants are taking the challenge upfront to maintain luxury of dining by use of Modern Bento Boxes.

During Covid, John Snyder and sommelier Kiran Saund decided to revolutionize take out to luxury dining by calling their bento boxes treasury chests. It was a risk since their menu was high end and had deluxe ingredients from wagyu rib-eye to Spanish otoro and foie gras tart.

Their modern Bento boxes took a hit and they would sell out easily. Saund told Wasingtonian “We noticed that a lot of fine-dining restaurants that we respect were bringing all these takeout containers that just ruin the image or ruin the experience,” Saund says. “The food was probably still delivering on the quality, but the experience is not there.”

Brown bento box

Style: DMZ026021

The Bento Box design has helped a lot of restaurants reopen. Although, take outs and delivery will never be the same as we know it, which sets the bar even higher when high end restaurants reopen to capacity.

As a result, some restaurants and hotels have set the bar so high that the experience of in-dining is almost as intimate and luxurious as dining out. This puts more pressure on especially Michelin star hotels to keep up the pace. For Saund, their modern bento box delivery package comes as a lavish gift. With a personalized handwritten note and the client’s name engraved on the box.

Modern Bento boxes have taken this pandemic period by storm. They have played a great role in restaurants reopening, maintaining luxury and most importantly, assuring safety dining into Post-Covid. A solution the hotelier industry never saw coming.

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