The New Luxury Lunchbox: Stackable & Covered

Luxury Lunchbox

The new luxury lunchbox is ideal for preset meals stacked one on top of another. A versatile option for boardroom lunches, lunch breaks, small catering events and coffee.
All of the colors in the collection are dishwasher safe and easy to deep clean and sanitize. You can stack them neatly on top of each other with their covers. The food safe silicon bumpers will create an anti-slippery surface so that the top tiers will not slide off.

You can also use the luxury lunchbox with a detachable metal holder for easy carrying options.

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A Luxury Lunchbox Design for the Boardroom Buffet Counter

When space in boardroom buffet counter is not enough… Stack covered bento dinner plates for guests to serve themselves with a luxury lunchbox. They are lightweight and portable so that it is easy to carry around. Moreover, they are freezer and oven-safe so great for meal prep and reheating. Meals can be pre-plated and prepped beforehand and warmed up in the warmer or oven before service. A freezable lunch box for any hotel outlet!

Luxury Lunchbox

Luxury Luxury Lunchbox

Compact Presentation with Stackable Lunchboxes

In the back of the house, you can prepare the meals plated to the last detail and stack the lunchboxes with their covers (with or without cling film) in the refrigerator or the warmer, ready to be served at a later time.

Serve the stackable lunch containers in front of house. You can also color-code the lunchboxes. The cool grey lunchbox can be for a chicken meal. The contemporary black and red lunchbox for red meat and the gold bento box for the vegetarian option. For desserts, explore bento dessert plating in the luxury bento box.

Stackable Lunchboxes

Stackable Lunchboxes

A Lunchbox Design for a Memorable Experience

Compared to the open plates, the lunchbox concept saves space on the counter because there is no need to align them on a counter but you can actually stack them one on top of the other.
For receptions and wedding events, the luxury lunchbox design optimizes food storage and delivery. For instance, you can store reception canapes in lunchbox bento plates. You can fit more canapes in the refrigerator, warmer or shelf in the stacked bento plates than you can fit on trays.

You can also use the wine glass holder attached on the lunchbox so that guests can carry both their wine and their canapes. A lunchbox design that offers safety and peace of mind, but also a memorable experience!

Appetizer plates with wine glass holder - A lunchbox design for receptions

Lunchbox Design for Receptions

A Stylish Lunchbox Design that Serve the Front and Back of the House

For back of house storage, you can stack the stylish lunchbox bento plates without their covers, one on top of the other up to a height of 10-15 pieces and save space in storage.
You can stack bento covers, one on top of the other up to a height of 30 pieces. You can also stack them sideways. Compared to glass domes or metal covers, lunchbox bento covers are stored efficiently and in volume.

Food safe silicon bumpers enable lunch bentos to “lock” one on top of another when without cover. When with cover, bumpers lift the boxes above the handles enabling to stack closed boxes. Bumpers will prevent bento plates from sliding.

Stylish Lunchbox Design

Stylish Lunchbox Design for Receptions

The New Modern Lunchbox

The modern lunch box by MyGlassStudio is the ideal Covid solution to restaurant reopening. Provide protection and safety with the modern lunch box. The lunch box consists of one plate and its cover that are kept together with a stylish black elastic band. Both the dinner plate and the cover are dishwasher-safe, freezer-safe, microwave-safe and come with an anti-chipping guarantee.

The collection also comes in 5 vivid colors: cute pink, contemporary grey, light green, earthy beige and leather brown.

Modern lunchbox in 5 colors

Modern Lunchbox in 5 Colors

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