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Want to get inspired? Read our blog posts about our new collection of Bento Dinner Plates! The Bento dinner plate set is an assortment of dinner plates including soup bowls, appetizer and main course plates. MyGlassStudio’s design response to Covid-19. It encompasses the needs for in-room dining, meetings and events, restaurants, bar food, lobby lounges and even receptions. Oven-safe, dishwasher safe, chlorine bleach resistant, super durable and best of all… a Joy To Use!

Modern bento box brown

Covid-19 Era and Contactless Dining

Covid-19 era is closing in already and we are anxious of the incoming changes yet happy to get our life back on track. Massive shifts are already visible and we can’t help but wonder if our new normal will be for the better. Contactless and Touchless Dining Restaurants keep reinventing and innovating the concept of […]

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Modern Bento Box

Fine Dining Etiquette during Covid-19

Dining etiquette varies across cultures. Seeking new experiences in dining by exploring different cuisines across the world is always an upscale experience. What is dining etiquette in France can be considered improper in Japan. In France like in England, one can only make as little noise while eating or none at all but in Japan, […]

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Gold bento box

Covered Dinner Plates in the Food Service Industry

The hotel and food service industry has specifically taken a hard hit during this Corona Virus pandemic. After months of lockdown filled with uncertainties, hoteliers and diners across the world are now reopening following relaxation of rules. As restaurants come up with strategies like contactless dining to spice up their styles of service, covered dinner […]

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Glass Soup Bowl

Durable Dinnerware: Bento Dinner Plates

“People who live in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones.” Well, whoever said this has clearly not interacted with our durable dinnerware. It is break resistant dinnerware that has been specifically fashioned to withstand the hulking impact of a hammer. A common misconception is the generalization that glass is fragile and it doesn’t qualify to be quantified […]

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Luxury Bento Box

Bento Dessert in Gold Luxury Bento Box

A bento dessert served in our luxury bento dinner plate is worth its weight in gold. The gold bento dinner plate collection offers diners a titanic experience, rare of its kind and a luxury of its time. It is made of real liquid gold, normally a privilege only known to Kings. There is an ancient […]

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Bento Soup Bowls

Sanitizing Dishes in the Food Service Industry

Sanitizing dishes in the food service industry has for a long time been prioritized and for a good reason, customers’ health comes first. It is because of customers’ health that before tabling a cleaning routine, it is important for hoteliers even homes to invest in a non toxic dinnerware set. The culture of maintaining first-rate […]

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Japanese Style Bento Box

Bento Box Plating for the New Food Trends

The art of bento box plating food is like poetry, rhythmic to the soul and euphoric to the eyes. A chef’s work does not end at preparing a toothsome meal. We all want a picturesque plated food that triggers all our five senses. Plating is where chefs and food enthusiasts demonstrate their upper echelon culinary […]

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Bento Box

What is the Bento Dinner Plate Collection?

The Bento Dinner Plate is an intimate modern Bento box design curated for post Covid-19 restaurant dining. The evolution of serve-ware continues to fire our imagination with delightful thrills. This luxuriously covered dinner plate offers a contactless treat that has brought permanence to safe dining. Is #safedining a trend yet? Because this is a bandwagon […]

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